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Met de verschillende leersoorten van Belledo hebben we bovendien voor ieder wat wils.

Belledo Leather

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With a warm feeling, the recognizable scent of leather and delicate acoustics, a leather wall creates an exclusive atmosphere in every room. This is because leather is a natural product, which means that each tile has its own unique characteristics. The application of leather on walls, fireplaces, floors and stairs is upcoming and will last the coming decades. Belledo has a range of 4 different leathers: vintage, vortex, nature and TAG.


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Vintage Leather

Vintage leather ... think soft! This leather has a high cuddly factor. Sourced from extremely strong buffalo that gives it a warm and robust appearance. Everything shows that these buffaloes lived in freedom. The natural influences provide the tough look. Available in the colors grey, taupe, burgundy, brown and black.

During the artisanal tanning process, this leather is dyed through and through, which ensures a solid color and great resistance. This makes it, in addition to walls and fireplaces, also very suitable for floors and stairs. Walking over this leather floor every day, will give it a luxurious feeling. A carpet is no longer necessary, your leather floor steals the show!

Vintage leather is applied on a flat surface, provided with a primer and a professional glue. Our people work professionally and thoroughly.

All sizes and patterns are possible and available on request. Large or smaller tiles, rectangle or square or rather a combination of these? We like to think along with the feasibility of your imagination.

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Vortex Leather

Vortex… our tough type. And also sustainable. Due to the vegetable finish, the leather has retaicaned its natural and raw appearance. This leather lives! The leather shows how free the cattle have lived. The vegetable finish ensures that no tile is the same, which gives the wall a unique character. You can choose from the colors: chestnut, brown, cognac and natural.

Apply this and the space will change beyond recognition. An insignificant room turns into a sturdy man cave, a simple wall becomes an eye-catcher. Done in a blink of an eye. Your wall becomes a jewel in itself.

This variety is also available in a self-adhesive variant. Easy to apply yourself on a flat surface. Cutting to size is done with great ease. What a satisfaction that will give. Still prefer to outsource, no problem, our professionals are ready for you.

Vortex is available in different sizes and shapes and can be applied in different patterns. Your own unique leather wall!

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Nature leer

Nature. Our showpiece! This type has all the characteristics in one. Made of extremely strong buffalo and beautifully finished. Luxurious, sturdy, warm and unique, all in one tile. If you find Nature on a wall, it will mesmerize you. Warmth and tranquility will come towards you. This wall is a masterpiece in its kind! Available in several colors: brown, cognac, black and grey.

On the wall, fireplace or as part of a piece of furniture, this Natural tile is versatile and gives an interior or space a unique upgrade.

Available in various sizes, shapes and patterns. Your wish is our command! Our professionals know what to do with it.

Nature leather is ideal for printing or lasering a name, logo, slogan or whatever message you want to transmit. You make it even more unique.

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Tag Leather

Tag leather, where it all started for us ... This leather was created in collaboration with expert tanners. A beautiful, warm type of leather that has a very luxurious appearance due to the finish. The leather comes from cattle and therefore has a sturdy character and a thickness of 1.8mm. Our standard collection consists the colors black, anthracite, cognac, biscuit, cacao and taupe. For larger quantities we can also produce a color of your choice. So the sky is the limit. Feel free to ask us for the possibilities.

This leather pimps a simple wall, door or counter into a new luxurious setting in no time. Application doesn't have to be difficult. TAG is available in a self-adhesive version with high-quality 3M tape. This is easy to apply on almost any surface. We are happy to inform you. Would you rather not get started yourself? Then one of our professionals can do this job for you.

Another special feature of TAG leather, it is ideal for printing or lasering your name or logo. How personal is that. Nothing is too crazy, for example a photo or QR code is also possible. This makes the leather wall, door and counter even more of an eye-catcher.

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